About us

My loves for games pushed me to create a website for it. I wanted to do it for so long but always delayed it. but finally, did it in February 2017 and named it ProdigyGamers.

Why ProdigyGamers? because I believe every gamer is unique in his own way and has a different style and attitude. and you have been chosen to enter the realm of pixel world to fulfill your destiny with your exceptional skill. alright its more than enough sugarcoating XD

 ProdigyGamers.com is a place for News and Information about Games, Gaming Hardware and sometimes maybe Esports.  the aims are to provide most relevant, factual information and build a community around it.

The site is still new and I still learning stuff to the get the site going. so if want to share anything your views, experience or any ideas to improve the site just comment or feel free to reach me through Contact Page.