Lorelei And The Laser Eyes – How To Unlock Room 2014

Lorelei And The Laser EyesIn Lorelei And The Laser Eyes, the story gets deep as you get the key to the Room No. 2014 which is upstairs. The task to get the key is not difficult but you are required to complete the exploration and solve a puzzle (duh!) to get hold of a key. Without much spoiler, we have explained what you are required to do in order to get the key for Room No. 2014.

How To Unlock Room 2014 Or Get The Key For Room No. 2014 In Lorelei And The Laser Eyes

First and foremost, you have to explore all the floors including the basement, and interact with all the interactable objects to gather clues and recover memories. We do not know when these notes and letters might come in handy. Next, if we have explored every floor and return back to the main or front door of the Hotel, you will meet the man.

After having a conversation, he will reveal that he lives in Room No. 1963. Your room is supposed to be in 2014. Therefore, he will direct you to get the key which he had left at the reception. Enter the room, from where you have heard the noise before as it will be accessible. Save the game and read the letter i.e. behind the reception table.

Lorelei And The Laser EyesThe strong emphasis on Last Year indicates that the code or password that you need to enter is 1962. Why? Because the current year of the letter is 1963. Now, this code should be entered on the lock found in the Key Cabinet. Rearrange the number to 1962 as shown in the image above to get the key for Room No. 2014 and an American Dollar.

The plot thickens when you discover what or who is inside the Room No. 2014 which was supposed to be yours. For more informative guides on Lorelei And The Laser Eyes, check the list of guides that might find its use if you are stuck.

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