Lorelei And The Laser Eyes – How To Unlock The Gatehouse Door

Lorelei And The Laser EyesLorelei and The Laser Eyes is a suspense and thriller game where you play as Lorelei. She has been assigned to a strange project in a secluded mansion where you are in for a surprise. It is fair to say that it is not a typical hotel. The goal of the game is to reveal and find the truth. 100% truth is not needed to complete the game, however, each memory will assist you in various ways throughout the game.

The game is full of puzzles that require photographic memory. Thankfully, your character is good with that; unlike me. After arriving or starting the game, your route is blocked even though you are invited to the Hotel Letztes Jahr. The lock requires a 4-digit code to unlock the Gatehouse Door. What is the code and where to find it?

How To Unlock The Gatehouse Door In Lorelei And The Laser Eyes?

The dog “Rudi” that brings you a letter gives you a hint which mentions “the year“. What year is it talking about and why is it important? Well, the year is the passcode that you need to enter in the lock to open it. Where to find the passcode or year?

At the beginning, where you start the game next to your car; you will have the option to unlock and enter the car. Skirmish through the glove compartment where you would have found the letter. The riddle on the letter that mentions the “next year” is the code i.e. 1963.

Use 1963 on the lock and press the upper part of the lock to unlock the Gatehouse Door. For further game guides on Lorelei And The Laser Eyes, check the contents list that has been mentioned below:

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