Lorelei And The Laser Eyes – How To Unlock The Electrical Cabinet

Lorelei And The Laser EyesLorelei And The Laser Eyes is a fantastic puzzle, action-adventure game i.e. set in an eerie old baroque manor. Every path is locked initially but as you progress and gather clues, it will build up the story and unlock the blocked path. Similarly, once you have unlocked the Gatehouse Door, you are presented with a new lock that has a similar 4-digit code. Therefore, we have listed where you can find the code and what is the code in this guide.

How To Unlock The Electrical Cabinet In Lorelei And The Laser Eyes

Once you enter the Gatehouse Door, explore and interact with everything that is inside the room. To gather information, you need to interact with almost anything and everything. There will be a Pin Board on the wall close left to the save point. The note says:


You were as expected clever like the mouse who finds the 
fresh carrot among moldy cheese. Forgive the strange welcome 
with a locked gate and a black dog. We have to be sure to keep 
uninvited guests away.

Meet me inside. Our journey "116 years back in time" is about 
to begin. The past is the key to the future.

Signed by R. Nero

Emphasizing on the year again, you will have to subtract 116 years from the current year i.e. 1963. The year you will get is “1847“. Now go to the Electrical Cabinet and enter 1847 and press the upper part of the lock. This will unlock the Electrical Cabinet and you will have another set of puzzles to decode.

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