Little Kitty Big City – All 25 Shinies Location

Little Kitty Big CityLittle Kitty Big City is an exploration, casual, and calm game where you take a role or control over a cute little feline. Separated from his home, you are hungry and weak that is hindering your ability to perform your agile movements and ability to climb and unlock more areas. To climb the walls or vines, you have to eat a fish by giving all 25 Shinies to the crow.

All 25 Shinies Location For Little Kitty Big City

As per the Crow, there are a total of 25 Shinies that can be found all around the city. Some can be sighted in plain sight whereas some are tucked in under traffic cones or trash cans. Here’s where you will find all the Shinies.

1st Shiny

Little Kitty Big City

The first Shinies can be found next to the where you accepted the task to bring 25 Shinies. Pull the Traffic cone to reveal a Shiny.

2nd - 4th Shinies

Little Kitty Big City


As you advance, you will see the path diverges. On the right path, you will spot the Shiny on the road, and on the bush, you will find the third Shiny hidden as shown in the image above.

The fourth Shiny can be reached after leaping on the pipe.

5th - 7th Shinies

All Shinies Location

Check the trash can next to the construction site to get a bunch of Shinies. In this case 3 Shinies.

8th - 9th Shinies

Shinies Location

On the path to reach Tanuki, you will need to leap and reach the height to grab two Shinies as shown in the image.

10th Shiny

All Shinies Location

After using the Portal of Tanuki, you can get a Shiny on the other side of the fence i.e. placed on the ground.

11th Shiny

Little Kitty Big City

Climb the stairs to knock the nest down, from the height you can see the Shiny on top of the van i.e. next to him as shown in the image.

12th Shiny

All 25 Shinies Location

Next, from the top of the van, you can jump down where the bone is found in the ground. Next to it would be a Shiny.

13th - 15th Shinies

Little Kitty Big City

After giving the bone to the dog, you can walk around and enter the trash can to discover a few more Shinies inside it.

16th - 21st Shinies

All Shinies Location

5 Shinies can be obtained by knocking down the shiny Jar i.e. found in the Construction Site. To get out of the Construction Site, you can pull the tray i.e. blocking the crawling hole.

Once you unlock the hole, you can freely access the area. Now, the second Shiny i.e. marked on the height can be reached by climbing on the vending machines.

22nd Shiny

Little Kitty Big City

While going for the 21st Shiny, you will find a Shiny on top of the vending machine as shown in the image.

23rd - 24th Shinies

All Shinies LocationPick up the trash and put it inside the trash can to get a Shiny for every trash you put it inside.

25th Shiny

All Shinies Location

The last piece of Shiny is found at the market corner close to another dog.

Note: You can get Shinies very quickly if you explore and check every trash can, and put all the trash inside the blue-colored trash bin. Check under the traffic cones, as you can get Shinies under them also. So, there’s no necessary order to get Shinies and there are sufficient amount of Shinies in the City.

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