Little Kitty Big City – How To Climb The Wall Or Vines

Little Kitty Big CityThe title Little Kitty Big City says it all! The cute little kitty tumbled down during her nap and is now far away from home. As a stranger to the outside world, the city seems to be too huge for the small little kitty. Most importantly when it’s such a long way up, she will need more energy for the climb. So, how can you climb the wall or vines when you have started the game?

How To Climb The Wall Or Vines In Little Kitty Big City

Initially, you will be required to complete a certain quest i.e. “Bring Crow 25 Shinies“. From the start of the game, you have no means of getting up except by using the Precision Jump i.e. holding the leap or jump button.

Once you have completed and hunted all the 25 Shinies for the Crow, you will be able to climb plant vines. Due to the lack of energy, little Kitty is unable to perform her agile movements. Therefore, completing this quest which is obtained quite early on will let you have a fish to regain your energy. Complete quests to unlock access to the areas and gathering all 25 Shinies and bringing it back to Crow will let you leap and climb onto the vines.

As an indoor little cat, you are on in for a whole new adventure. We will update more posts on Little Kitty Big City; so keep on checking the posts frequently.

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