Hades 2 How To Get/Find G Rock To Craft Argent Skull

Hades 2

In Hades 2 there are multiple weapons to fight against different types of enemies. You can infuse the boons obtained from various gods into these weapons and play according to your style.

At the beginning of the game, you will only have one weapon unlocked called “Witch Staff“. To unlock additional weapons, you will have to collect different types of resources. Below you will find a brief guide on how to obtain a resource called G-Rock and unlock a weapon called “Argent Skull“.

Hades 2 How To Get/Find G Rock To Craft Argent Skull

G-Rock or Glass rock is a resource found in the third stage “Fields of Mourning”. It is required to craft a weapon called “Argent Skull“. Multiple resources require specific tools to harvest them. These resources can be used to unlock new weapons, tools, arcane cards, or incantations.

To reach the Fields of Mourning complete the first stage by defeating the headmistress. After that go through the Oceanus area (Second Stage) where you will meet Scylla and the Sirens. This boss encounter will require some effort, as you’ll need to navigate attacks from three distinct enemies.

After defeating Scylla and the Sirens, you will reach the third stage “Fields of Mourning“. In this area, you will find some rocky structures that can be mined to obtain G-Rock. Similar to how you have mined silver in the first stage. To mine these resources, you will need a gathering tool called “Cresant Pick”.

To unlock this tool, visit the training area once you have died. There interact with the sign made on the ground where you could unlock weapons. Press “R1” or “RB” and change to the tools menu to find the Cresant Pick.

Once you have unlocked the gathering tool required to mine silver in the first stage, you can farm G-Rock in the third stage simply by pressing R1 or RB to mine the minerals. Argent Skull is the fifth weapon and won’t be available to unlock until you have done multiple runs of the underworld and unlocked three other weapons. To unlock the Argent Skull weapon, you will need G-Rock and Bronze. Check out our previous guide on how to get bronze.

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