Hades 2 – How And Where To Get Bronze

Hades 2Hades 2 is one of the most anticipated roguelike games sought and looked out by all the Hades players. The unique random boons obtained and your choice of weapon strive each player to experience and progress each chamber with caution and bloodbath. Similar to the predecessor game, Hades; new weapons will be gradually unlocked as you progress through the game.

To unlock new weapons and tools, you are required to gather certain resources during your expedition and run at the Underworld. After multiple runs, you will be questioning where to find and collect the Bronze. Some players might find it troublesome as it will require multiple runs and there is no sight of it at different levels. Here’s how you get Bronze to unlock the tools (fishing rod) and weapon.

How And Where To Get Bronze At Hades 2

Melinoe has a mission to find and destroy Chronos. Well, the best part is you do not need to defeat Chronos in order to get Bronze. Without spoiling much of the storyline, each run and death will make you stronger. As you grow in experience, we also require new weapons and tools. Most importantly, the sight of a Fishing Rod on the list has made all the players eager to get it as soon as possible. However, most certainly this will be the last tool you will unlock from the list of tools.

Initially, a Bronze and 2 Fate Fabrics will be used to unlock the Fishing Rod. Fabrics can be obtained quite easily after trading with the Broker or Merchant. All the unlocks involve Incantation at the Cauldron. Similarly, Bronze can be obtained quite easily at the surface or “Going Up“. However, it is sealed with Wards.

To unseal the Wards, you are required to defeat two bosses apart from the Headmistress Hecate i.e. Scylla and the Sirens at Oceanus and Infernal Beast (Cerebrus) at Fields Of Mourning. Later once you find the Boon of Hermes and have regular encounters, he will speak about the condition on the surface and that they are short in hand. After this fruitful encounter, a new Incantation will be unlocked at the Cauldron i.e. Permeation of Witching-Wards.

To perform the Incantation, you require:

  • Cinder x1
  • Shadow x1
  • Moly x3

This Incantation will remove the Ward or unseal it which will allow you to go to the surface where Bronze can be easily obtained near the City of Ephyra. Remember, to bring your trusty Axe or Crescent Pick to mine Bronze. However, the surface is not easy as you will take damage over time due to the life-draining curse. To remove the curse, you are required to learn or Concote another Incantion i.e. “Unraveling A Fateful Bond“.

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