Remnant 2 – The Forgotten Kingdom Submit To The Root Or Not?

Remnant 2The new Remnant 2 DLC “The Forgotten Kingdom” is available with cool new enemies and bosses. We all know how the game likes to reward certain items and gears after satisfying certain conditions and choices. One of the choices you will find yourself in The Forgotten Kingdom DLC is at the Infested Abyss.

Finding the entrance of the Infested Abyss dungeon is also a crucial task. At the beginning or 1st Seed of DLC, you will find yourself at Ancient Canopy. Advance forward and climb the platforms to explore each and every area. At a certain area, you will find a waterfall and behind it, there will be a hidden path. Jump across the cliff and enter the waterfall to find the dungeon that leads to the Infested Abyss.  After entering the Infested Abyss dungeon, you will encounter Root Nexus and multiple infected enemies on the way.

Clear the path and advance to find the Non-Hostile root statue with the help of a map in order to converse. After learning about The Emissary, you will be given two choices whether to “I like power. I’ll submit.” or “I won’t submit to the Root. Ever.” As we are accustomed to the game, we already know that there are specific rewards behind these choices. If you are curious about what the choices will lead to then we have everything covered in this guide.

Remnant 2 The Forgotten Kingdom DLC Submit To The Root Or Not?

"I like power. I'll submit"

This is a straightforward choice where The Emissary will grant you a sliver of his limitless potential that is deemed to be an Amulet known as the “Profane Soul Stone.” The function of the Amulet is that:

  • Increases Summon Damage to 30%
  • Increases Summon Movement Speed to 15%
  • Total Damage Reduction for 10% per active summon.

There is an option to cleanse the Amulet “Profane Soul Stone” by going to the Keeper in the Labyrinth. Switch to the campaign and equip the Profane Soul Stone when you are going to meet the Keeper. He will give an option to cleanse it which will remove the total damage reduction nerf or effect from the Amulet. This will open the window of getting one of the rare achievements i.e. “The Burden Hardest To Bear“.

"I won't submit to the Root. Ever." or "I don't have anything to say to deadwood"

Any choices that will lead to combat will do. Once the Emissary gets aggressive and starts attacking, you do what you are best at. Destroy! Once you defeat The Emissary, he will drop a new item or Mutator known as the “Near-Sighted“. The function of Near-Sighted is mentioned below:

  • It increases Ranged Damage to 10% within 7 meters.
  • The Rank 10 effect is that it increases the Ranged Critical Chance to 10% within 7 meters.

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