Remnant 2 DLC – Burden Hardest To Bear Achievement Guide

Remnant 2In Remnant 2, the Burden Hardest To Bear is one of the tough achievements to achieve and unlock as it requires a series of tasks that can be missed by any players who have not stumbled into the process coincidentally. Well, the task is not pretty difficult so we have compiled this small guide dedicated to this rare achievement.

How To Get The Burden Hardest To Bear Achievemt In Remnant 2 The Forgotten Kingdom DLC

First and foremost, you are required to find a secret entrance to the dungeon i.e. located behind the waterfall in the Ancient Canopy. As you explore the Ancient Canopy, look out for the waterfall and you will notice that there is a hidden path behind it. Jump across the cliff to reach the waterfall which will lead you to the dungeon entrance of the Infested Abyss.

Once you enter the Infested Abyss, make your way across the map and explore every nook and canny. You will find a Non-Hostile root statue, The Emissary or The Root with whom you can interact and converse. Instead of fighting, simply converse and at the end of the conversation he will ask you to submit. Choose to submit by selecting the choice “I like power, I’ll submit.

The quest will be completed and you will get an Amulet i.e. “Profane Soul Stone“. It is one of the strong amulets that has its effect listed below:

  • Increases Summon Damage by 30%
  • Increases Summon Movement Speed by 15.
  • Reduces Total Damage Reduction by 10% per active Summons. (nerf)

Now, equip the Profane Soul Stone amulet and switch to Campaign as you will need to travel to The Labyrinth and talk to the Keeper. Interact and he will detect the anomaly desire which he is able to cleanse. Instead of accepting his request to cleanse the Profane Soul Stone, choose not to or refuse to give him the Profane Soul Stone.

Finally, go back to the Infested Abyss and talk to the Root from where you have obtained the Amulet. There will be an option to give Profane Soul Stone back to the Emissary. He will recast its power anew and give you a new Relic i.e. a “Profane Heart“. This will get you the achievement of “The Burden Hardest To Bear“.

Profane Heart will have a new effect i.e.

  • Lifesteal Bonus 3%
  • Activating will increase all Lifesteal Efficacy by 50% for 15 seconds.

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