No Rest For The Wicked – How To Get & Use Fallen Ember

No Rest For The WickedNo Rest For The Wicked is an action role-playing game where you play as a Cerim i.e. a member of a group of mystical holy warriors. After the death of King Harol, the unholy plague i.e. Pestilence has returned that has been corrupting the land or anything that it touches. As a Cerim, you are imbued with mystical powers to defeat the Pestilence.

When you embark on the journey, you will be able to craft resources and fill up your Inventory. There would be an item known as Fallen Embers that can be obtained from early on. So, what and when will be Fallen Embers used for? How can we get it efficiently?

How To Get & Use Fallen Ember In No Rest For The Wicked?

Fallen Ember is an item i.e. used or consumed to enter the Cerim Crucible which is an endgame dungeon. It will be unlocked after you have completed the Main Story and interacted with the statue in the Stone Mason Shop’s basement at Sacrament City. Currently, there is only one statue, but the devs have planned to install more challenges in Crucible Statues when the game is fully released.

The Cerim Crucible is a roguelike dungeon that consists of 10 floors. Upon completing the Cerim Crucible successfully, you will get weapon and armor upgrades randomly. Therefore, these Fallen Embers are quite a useful item and a gateway for better equipment and gears.

How To Get Fallen Ember?

Fallen Ember is usually obtained from defeating the enemies or opening the chests as a random drop. Furthermore, it can be purchased from the general goods store at Sacrament City. As Fallen Ember is essential, it is a precious item to challenge the Cerim Crucible for better gears. Climbing each floor or room will increase the difficulty per level and get you the rewards or loot.

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