The Planet Crafter – How To Grow And Make Food?

The Planet CrafterIn The Planet Crafter is an open-world terraforming crafting survival game. Stranded on the planet, you have an opportunity to colonize and create a habitable environment for sustaining life. If we are colonizing, basic necessities need to be fulfilled and food is top on the priority list after Oxygen and Water. Without water and oxygen, food can’t be grown and harvested unless you are scavenging the foods from the storage containers. Therefore, to grow and make food for yourselves, you are required to install these basic facilities and structures as mentioned.

How To Grow And Make Food In The Planet Crafter

To start growing the food, you are required to unlock the Food Grower blueprint. The blueprint will be unlocked after you reach the threshold of 12.00 ppt Oxygen. The Food Grower Blueprint allows you to grow crops after you plant seeds inside the tube. To install Food  Grower, you need

  • Aluminum
  • Iron
  • Water Bottle

Now, all you are missing is a critical ingredient which is the seed to grow vegetables.

Seed can be obtained in a similar fashion i.e. scavenging the ships and searching in the blue storage containers. Once you plant the Seed in the Food Grower, the food can be grown, harvested, and cooked. The major benefit of the food is that it restores health and satisfies your hunger but few foods can grant a specific buff to your character such as:

  • Cookie improves your running speed.
  • Fish Soup reduces Oxygen consumption.
  • Honey Cooked Beans reduces Thirst rate.

To cook food, you will need to install a Cooking Station. Apart from growing, you can scavenge space food rations during your expedition. It is always wise to stock all the food items as you do not know when your friends start to munch on them. For more informative guides on The Planet Crafter, check it below:

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