Toilet Tower Defense Unlock Upgraded Spider & Mech Cameraman

Toilet Tower Defense

Roblox Toilet Tower Defense is a unit-placing survival game developed by Telanthric Development. Various types of units can be unlocked which will help you defend your cameraman temple from the toilet enemies. In the latest update few new units have been introduced in the game and below you will find a brief guide on how to unlock them.

Toilet Tower Defense How To Unlock Upgraded Camera Spider & Mech Cameraman

The upgraded camera spider and the mech cameraman are the two new units added to this game in the latest update of episode 72 part 1. While the first unit costs Robux to unlock, the second unit mech cameraman can be obtained by opening the basic crate from the summon area. The basic crate costs 100 coins to open and there is a 0.1% chance to obtain the upgraded mech cameraman.

The upgraded spider camera can be bought from the store by spending 399 Robux. This unit is movable and also does splash damage to the toilet enemies. The stats of the upgraded camera spider are:

  • Walk Speed: 14 -> 15
  • Walk Range: 35 ->50
  • Damage: 750 -> 6750
  • Blast Range: 15 -> 50
  • Range: 20 -> 50
  • Cooldown: 1 -> 0.25
  • DPS: 750 -> 27000

To get the max stats for your unit you need to keep on upgrading them while defending the castle. The Blast Range will be 0 at the beginning of the match which means the upgraded spider camera won’t do any splash damage until they reach level 5.

You can also obtain the upgraded spider camera and upgraded mech cameraman from the trading plaza by spending gems.  The stats for the upgraded mech cameraman are:

  • Damage: 1000 -> 5600
  • Range: 15 -> 60
  • Cooldown: 1 -> 0.2
  • DPS: 1000 -> 28000

By placing Santa TV man and only using the upgraded camera spider, players can reach wave 40+ which gives them a significant amount of coins in the endless mode. The Santa TV man will increase your money every wave so that you will have enough to fully upgrade your camera spider.

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