Pet Simulator 99 Update 8 Leaks, All New Pets & Items

Pet Simulator 99

Pet Simulator 99 update 8 seems to be arriving in 5 days on April 6th. This upcoming update can be one of the best updates as a lot of free-to-play players will have a chance to hatch a titanic pet. In the next update, the devs have confirmed the addition of hype eggs that have a chance to hatch a huge or titanic pet.

In the next update, there will be a rebirth feature and 24 new areas for players to unlock. Apart from these features, there will be a lot of new items, machines and enchants. Below you will find a brief guide on all the items that we can expect in the new update.

Pet Simulator 99 Update 8 Leaks, All New Pets & Items

To get the hype eggs, players need to remain online in the game for 45 minutes. Every 45 minutes you will be able to claim one of the hype eggs and the maximum amount you can claim will depend on your character level. The max level you can reach in the next update might be 26 as the image above shows the number of eggs to be 26.

There are tons of new machines and items such as the enchant empower machine, XP potions machine, Tsunami ultimate, new enchants books, and much more. The enchant power machine will buff your enchants for a limited time using the enchant essence. You can earn these essences by breaking down lower-tier enchants.

The XP potion machine will craft the Ultimate XP, Mastery XP, Titanic XP, and Huge XP. These potions will help in increasing your mastery quickly, as well as increase your chances in hatching a titanic or huge pets.

A new area similar to chest rush will be introduced called Treasure Hideout. To enter the hideout you will need to require a hideout key that most probably can be obtained by farming the last area or after the rebirth feature. This hideout will always be better than your last area in terms of items and diamond drops. By using one hideout key players can enter and farm in the hideout for 30 minutes. You will also have a chance to obtain a huge electric cat or a golden huge electric cat.

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