Dragon’s Dogma 2 – How To Get Medusa Head OP Item

Dragon's Dogma 2

In Dragon’s Dogma 2, there is a hidden boss that you must have encountered possibly while exploring the South border of Battahl. The dungeon where Medusa dwells is in Caliginous Depths. While approaching the dungeon, you will need to be prepared to fight against the mythical creature. More so, you are allowed to obtain the infamous Medusa’s head which can petrify any creature that is pointed at. Here’s what you need to do!

How To Get Or Farm Medusa Head Which Is An Overpowered Item In Dragon’s Dogma 2

Previously we have mentioned where to find Medusa i.e. Caliginious Depths dungeon. You are required to cleanly decapitate Medusa’s head with a sharp weapon by any class. Therefore, equip any Slash weapon and imbue it with the Lightning Affinity.

Now, during the fight, all you have to do is climb and attack its head. From the first phase of health, you have to start slashing her head ferociously. Make sure, you have your Slash weapon enchanted with the Lightning affinity which is important.

Keep on slashing her head in an attempt to slice it off from Medusa’s head instead of focusing on dealing high damage. After dealing a certain amount of hits, you will be able to cleanly decapitate Medusa’s head off and earn a Trophy i.e. “Off With Its Head!“.

Note: If you have high damage output, you can tone it down by decreasing your damage obtained from Sphix.

The next thing you will notice is Medusa’s head would be lying on the floor which after picking up; you will unlock another achievement i.e. “Getting a Head“. After collecting the Preserved Medusa Head, you can now petrify any creature or enemy. Which means that they are instantly defeated.

Apart from the Preserved Medusa Head, you will also obtain Medusan Spellbow which is a powerful weapon. However, the Medusa Head will deteriorate after each use till it turns into a Decayed Medusa Head. Therefore, you can farm Medusa’s head and store it pretty much as per your liking because Medusa respawns after 2 weeks of ingame.

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