Dragon’s Dogma 2 – Wilhelmina Romance Guide

Dragon's Dogma 2To romance Wilhelmina in Dragon’s Dogma 2, you will have to complete the series of quests in sequence in order to get everything in line. Players who have attempted to complete the questline “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” will require a specific report at the end to initiate a steamy scene.

Wilhelmina Romance Guide At Dragon’s Dogma 2

Initially, complete the following quest of Brant after you meet Wilhelmina at the Masquerade Ball i.e.

  • The Caged Magister
  • The Stolen Throne
  • Disa’s Plot
  • An Unsettling Encounter
Note: Do not complete the "Feast Of Deception" quest

Why should you not complete Feast Of Deception? After the completion of the Feast Of Deception questline, you will have to embark on the journey towards Battahl. This will void any chance of initiating and completing the Wilhelmina questline i.e. Every Rose Has Its Thorn.

How To Start The “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” Quest?

At Vernworth, enter the Rose Chateau Bordelrie and go to Wilhelmina’s chamber to converse. In the same room, you will find a chest that contains a Bunch Of Flowers. Give her the Bunch Of Flowers to increase the affinity. If you are not able to gift her flowers then do not fret as if you follow the questline properly; you will be able to romance.

Then pass the day by sleeping at the Inn or your house. Visit Wilhelmina again at night to be blocked by one of the NPCs. He will notify you that Wilhelmina is attending a patron. Next, enter her room and peep through the peephole from the side of the bed to hear every conversation between Allard and Wilhelmina. After talking with Wilhelmina, choose the option to “Offer Your Assistance“.

Gather Evidence

Once you have talked with Wilhelmina, the quest will have a three-day deadline. In under three days, you will have to gather evidence against Allard. First and foremost, visit Sven and then Lord Patrick. Talk with Sven at Vernworth Castle in Sven’s Chamber at 2F. Exhaust all the dialogues and update the Every Rose Has Its Thorn quest.

Similarly, talk to Lord Patrick at his Estate during nighttime and go to your target’s mansion. The first piece of Evidence can be obtained at Allard’s Estate. Enter Allard’s mansion and climb the flight of stairs to enter a room upstairs. Examine the portrait or painting on the wall which will drop the Murder Report.

There is another piece of evidence located in the Vernworth, Merchant Quarter’s side. Next house i.e. immediately South of Clovis’s Barberie, you will find the “Bribery Investigation Findings“.

Return To Brant And Wilhelmina

We know where to find Brant at nighttime i.e. at Stardrop Inn. Visit and interact with him to learn everything about the Myrmecoleon. Deliver him the Bribery Investigation Findings and Murder Report (in order), then select the option to “I’ll have any aid you can give“. After that, go to Wilhelmina and deliver her the Murder Report. When she asks you whether you want to see it through to the end then select the option to “Continue offering your aid“.


After giving the evidence i.e. Murder Report to Wilhelmina, go to the room next to Wilhelmina’s chamber and you will find Allard. Sprint and grab Allard which will trigger the cutscene where Wilhelmina will satisfy her revenge. Escape the vicinity and Wilhelmina will ask you to visit her at Myrmecoleon the next evening.

Move back to your house, and you will notice that you have a note from Wilhelmina. Read and sleep through the day. Next evening, go to meet Wilhelmina and it will trigger a small romance cutscene. This concludes the questline “Every Rose Has Its Thorn“.

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