Dragon Dogma 2 Find Newt Liqueur For Warfarer Vocation

Dragon's Dogma 2

In Dragon Dogma 2 to unlock the Warfarer Vocation you will have to complete a quest called “The Sotted Sage” quest. After completing the quest find an NPC called Lamond near the hot springs whom you need to give 3x Newt Liqueur to unlock the Warfarer class. Once the class is unlocked interact with Lamond again to obtain theĀ  Grandmaster’s Path Scroll that unlocks a Warfarer skill. Below you will find a brief guide on how to obtain three Newt Liqueur.

Dragon Dogma 2 Where To Find Newt Liqueur

Newt Liqueur is required to unlock a vocation or class in this game called Warfarer. There are a few ways to obtain the Newt Liqueur and you will need 3 of them to complete the quest and unlock a new class. The first method is to craft a Newt Liqueur and the resources required are Saurian Tail and Fruit Wine. While you will find a lot of Saurian Tail in the wild, the fruit wine will be a lot harder to get.

The only way to get the fruit wine is by buying a house from Mildred in Vernworth. After that complete Brant’s story quest and interact with him to find a fruit wine in front of your house. You can also interact with various NPC after buying the house and increase affinity with them and occasionally they might gift you the fruit wine.

You can directly buy the Newt Liqueur from the Higgs Tavern Stand but will require a few steps. To buy the items from Higgs Tavern, you will need an item that will help you enter the shop. The item you need to look for is the Beastren Mask. To find this mask you need to take the ox cart in Vernworth town towards the west.

The first town where the oxcart drops you will have a scrap store and the NPC name will be Ibrahim. You can buy the Beastren Mask from the scrap store and then visit Higgs Tavern in Bakbattahl. Equip the mask and on the left side of the tavern, you will find two sacks that you will have to pick up and place inside the fence. Make sure you have to Beastren mask equipped and Karnel the NPC will invite you inside the Tavern. There you can buy the Newt Liqueur for 5000 gold each.

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