Rise Of The Ronin Best Characters Code & How To Import Them

Rise Of The Ronin

Rise Of The Ronin is an open-world samurai game set in the year 1863 in Japan. The game has been developed by Team Ninja who has also developed some of the best action-adventure games which are Nioh and Ninja Gaiden.

At the beginning of the game, players need to create a character that can be customized however they like. These customized characters can be shared with other players around the world by simply sharing the creation code. You can also use someone else customized character by using another player’s creation code. Below you will find a brief guide on how to create customized characters, share, and import them.

Rise Of The Ronin Best Characters Code & How To Import Them

This game offers one of the most exceptional character customization features, allowing you to create any fictional or real characters according to your preferences. You can change the facial structure to create a character resembling another game protagonist. One of the character players would love to import is the Jin Sakai from Ghost of Tsushima as the game has been compared with it a lot.

To use character codes, players need to visit the longhouse, select the relax option, and then go to appearance. To import codes, you need to go to the options menu. There you will find an option called input codes where you need to enter the codes mentioned below to unlock various customized characters.

The list of customized characters is as follows:

  • Jin Sakai – RRP-2xtyVYcGZ4mJM
  • Hiroyuki Sanada – RRP-vA4[R&n[hnnTD or RRP-LpeViht=Yt7gG
  • Tifa Lockhart – RRP-gW5YqNstgsbST
  • Keanu Reeves – RRP- /R/fC[iZbN?GJ
  • Mature Hatsune Miku – RRP-Cs67MzZtGXS4B
  • Kenshin Himura – RRP-mpxG3ygfemsE7
  • Dante – RRP-phU?wdniGBgmC
  • Lady – RRP-LR2rywA+gUa&U
  • Tsunade – RRP-NVxA9hGQ7whnX
  • Chun Li – RRP-Tt59M49YMWdXf
  • Anna Sawai – RRP-]kMnNSogwnH9R
  • Tanjiro – RRP-AuYZT&keAzpWW
  • Zenitsu – RRP-zv=R&w=YxpD2B
  • Zoro – RRP-xf+aXJtJ=Sjs5
  • Mihawk – RRP-d?p+yhMYJTZ2J

These are some of the character creation code-shared by different players on Reddit. You can also create a customized character and share it with others. To create a customized character, go to the options menu in character creation and select create/manage codes.

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