Dragon’s Dogma 2 – Hunt For The Jadeite Orb All Choices

Dragon's Dogma 2In Dragon’s Dogma 2, you venture out of Vernworth and travel across the land completing quests and helping those who are in distress. Eventually, you will reach a Settlement on the Vermund-Battahl Border, a Checkpoint Rest Town. From there you will meet Offulve, who will ask about the whereabouts of a pretty stone you might have encountered. The pretty stone has a befitting name “The Jadeite Orb“.

The Jadeite Orb was stolen from him while he was delivering it. If Master Everard finds out what happened to the Jadeite Orb, Offulve will be punished to death. The Jadeite Orb was a way ticket out from his master’s grasp.

Look around the settlement, and you will find Everard who will mention Offulve and the Jadeite Orb. So, now you have received two requests for the Jadeite Orb. The reward will be granted to you depending on whose requests you fulfill. Everard or Offulve? Well, there is a way to gain both the rewards and fulfill both their requests which we have explained thoroughly in this guide.

Hunt For The Jadeite Orb Quest Walkthrough In Dragon’s Dogma 2

Initially, the quest demands you to gather intel on the Jadeite Orb by speaking to the bandits. So, you will have to travel back to the Vernworth and visit the jail. Bribe the prisoner and he will tell you about Ibrahim’s Scrap Store.

At the Checkpoint Rest Town, you will find Ibrahim’s Scrap Store i.e. from where you came from. It is skippable so you do not have to bribe the prisoner for the information and get straight to the business. Purchase Jadeite Orb from the Ibrahim at the cost of 7500G.

Whom To Give Jadeite Orb?

From the beginning, there were two interested parties who wanted the Jadeite Orb i.e. Offulve and Everard. Instead of going back to either of them, you have an option to Request a forgery at Ibrahim’s Scrap Store. Forgery will cost you an extra 2000G.

After a few days, you can pick the forged Imitation Jadeite Orb and the real Jadeite Orb. This allows you to satisfy both of their needs and collect rewards from both of them. So, the next question is whom to give the real and whom to give the fake Jadeite Orb.

The real Jadeite Orb should be delivered to Everard as he is cautious and check the authenticity of the Orb. If you deliver him the fake Jadeite Orb, you will be thrown into Jail. The reward for giving Everard the real Jadeite Orb is 12,000G and a Ring of Skullduggery. (If you are determined to give Everard the Fake Jadeite Orb then you have to bribe the shopkeeper which will cost you 12000G for lying.)

The fake Jadeite Orb which you will deliver to Offulve will be handsomely rewarded with 3000G and an Elite Camping Kit. If you have missed forgery and delivered Offulve the real Jadeite Orb, then to complete the quest; go and talk to Everard and tell him “it was nowhere to be found“.

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