Dragon’s Dogma 2 – How To Romance Ulrika & Keep Her In Party

Dragon's Dogma 2

In Dragon’s Dogma 2, you will have an opportunity to establish a romantic relationship with your character with the NPCs. The one we are talking about in this post is Ulrika. You can increase the affinity to the maximum after completing the related quests to romance Ulrika. Later, there is a way that you can let her follow you on a dangerous expedition with you and your Pawns. Read it to the end to learn everything about it.

How To Romance Ulrika In Dragon’s Dogma 2?

First, complete the “Readvent of Calamity” questline which requires you to Repel the dragon. The quest will be triggered when you return back to the Melve and you are required to defeat the dragon.

Next, you will need to leave the Melve and come back after few days and approach Ulrika’s House. Enter and you will overhear a dispute between Martin and Ulrika. Continue the quest and once you wake up in the morning; she will be long gone from the Melve.

Your next part of the quest would be to find the whereabouts of Ulrika. To find Ulrika, you will need to reach Harve Village i.e. located on the Western part of the map from Vernworth. Upon reaching the Harve Village and reuniting with Ulrika, you will have to complete the quest “Trouble on the Cape“.

After completing the quest, return to Harve Village after a few days. Now, you can be able to raise her affinity by giving gifts such as Bunch of Flowers. Keep on showering with gifts until the affinity reaches its maximum and you will notice that there is no new dialogue from Ulrika.

The final part of the quest that you need to complete is “Home Is Where the Hearth Is“. Return to Melve and make your way inside the village by bribing the guard. Continue through the quest and when Lennart asks you to deliver the swords; fulfill his demand.

Once the fight comes to an end, you will find Ulrika in Harve Village Beach. Talk to her and as your affinity is maximum, she will ask you to meet her during the nightfall. This will initiate a small romantic cutscene with Ulrika.

How To Keep Her With Your Party?

Once everything is settled, Ulrika will appear in front of your home after a few days. Some NPCs might also appear to stand in front of your house, which would block Ulrika’s spawn; so you can kill the NPC to solve it.

Ulrika will anoint you on a quest where you have to simply escort her to Harve Village. But instead, you should never return to keep her following you. Make sure that you do not fast-travel as the escort quest might fail.

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