Dragon’s Dogma 2 – Lennart Nesting Troubles Walkthrough

Dragon's Dogma 2In the small town of Melve in Dragon’s Dogma 2, you will find Lennart, and if interacted; he will ask whether you have returned here to help. If you accept then Lennart will ask you to clean the nest of Saurians i.e. just present outside the village. They haven’t caused any harm yet, but the presence of the nest in close proximity is enough to make the villagers uneasy. To complete the Nesting Troubles quest, you will need to follow a few simple instructions from Lennart

Lennart Nesting Troubles Quest Walkthrough For Dragon’s Dogma 2

First and foremost to aid your task, Lennart has prepared explosive casks and placed it at the village entrance. Advance towards where the nest of Saurian’s is and at the opposite side of the cliff, you will find the explosive barrels.

Simply get close to the barrels and grab it to throw towards the Saurian’s nest. The projectile aim will be shown while throwing to aim at the ground.  Defeat the remaining Saurians and report it back to Lennart. Well, the job is not over!

Lennart will request to drop a jar of poison into their nest. This will eliminate the threat of Saurian but do not spill it into the river. Throw the purple-colored jar or barrel into the Suarian’s nest to cleanse the area. Finally, talk to Lennart again to complete the Nesting Troubles quest.

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