Dragon’s Dogma 2 – How To Delete Saved File & Start New Game

Dragon's Dogma 2Dragon’s Dogma 2 is a single-player action RPG that provides a unique experience to the story from each new character’s perspective. However, there is a small hiccup in the form of having a single save slot per account that prohibits the creation of multiple characters simultaneously. This means that you have to delete the current character to create a new one.

Save File Location To Save Or Delete Saved File And Start New Game In Dragon’s Dogma 2

First and foremost disable the Steam Cloud that saves and syncs the files. To disable on PC, click on Steam —–> Settings —–> Cloud —–> Enable Steam Cloud —–> Disable. Additionally, right-click on Dragon’s Dogma 2 and go to Properties —–> General —–> Keep games saves in the Steam Cloud for Dragon’s Dogma 2 —–> Disable.

Whereas to disable in PS5, go to Settings —–> Save Data and Game/App Settings —–> Sync Saved Data —–> Disable.

For the Xbox console, go to Settings —–> General —–> Network Settings —–> Go Offline.

Save File Deletion

Now it’s straightforward for console players to delete your save file by simply going to the System Settings, then Storage, and Saved Data to delete the Dragon’s Dogma 2 saved file. For PC users, it is a little bit complicated.

After disabling the Steam Cloud, the next thing is that you need to locate the saved files of the game. Usually, it is found where the game is installed i.e. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\[steamid]\2054970\remote\win64_save.

Delete the data000.bin and data001Slot.bin. If you have deleted the game saved file, then you can start a new save file. This same function can also be done in Offline Mode. Go Offline Mode on Steam, locate and delete the file, start the game, and create your character to load into the game. Next Alt+F4 and Go Online on Steam to sync up the Steam cloud, if you want it to be synced up with the Steam Cloud.

How To Create Multiple Characters?

Now, you can also proceed to copy and store the saved file in some other folder to use later. With this method, you can create multiple characters and copy the save file before overwriting or starting a new game on a PC. For console players, you are needed to create a new Profile and start the game. This allows you to enjoy different characters after you have completed the story and hop back on to your original character when needed as per demands and your choice.

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