Rise Of The Ronin – What Will Happen If You Defeat Blue Demon?

Rise Of The RoninRise Of The Ronin is a new action role-playing game where the protagonist and the world are based on war-torn 19th-century Japan. After starting the game and embarking on your first Mission, you are getting familiar with the moves, dodge, and counterspark against the enemies and elites.

As an assassin from Unveiled Edge, infiltrating the Black Ship was a breeze; however, it changes when you encounter Commodore Matthew Perry in the flesh. His Martial Skills require precision or perfectly timed counterspark to deflect his attack. Not gonna lie, but attempting the new mechanic was a little bit tough and it has cost me multiple Medicinal Pills.

Later, after defeating Matthew Perry and while delivering the finishing blow; we learn that there is another guy Blue Demon who interferes and complicates the mission which is almost over. Now, the fight is still doable but mostly due to the element of surprise many have lost to the Blue Demon and lost your Blade Twin. So, the question is what will happen if you have defeated the Blue Demon?

What Will Happen If You Defeat Blue Demon In Rise Of The Ronin?

According to the storyline, you are given your first mission and encounter a formidable foe. Defeat was inevitable! In the process, you would have to make a choice about who will sacrifice to complete the duty of delivering the secret message. Who will be decided as the game’s protagonist and sacrifice the other’s chance of becoming the main character?

Instead, if you manage to defeat the Blue Demon which is possible on the first try at any difficulty (higher chances at lowest difficulty), or create a manual save to repeat the fight against both Matthew Perry and Blue Demon. You will obtain a Silver Trophy i.e. “Tears of a Blue Demon“.

Similar to in Sekiro, irrelevant to the result whether you win or lose, you will have to sacrifice one of the two protagonists for the plot. At the beginning of the cutscene of Rise Of The Ronin, the two protagonists are crossing swords and one has a prosthetic arm. This is an inevitable choice that you have to make for the plot. There’s no other way around it.

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