Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege – How To Play, Beginners Guide?

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six SiegeTom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is a tactical-based shooter game that heavily emphasizes on the strategies and execution part. As it is a team game, there are certain roles players need to take on while playing the game to increase their chances of winning. However, from the perspective of any newcomer who just started the game, it might feel so overwhelming and lost. Here’s what you need to do and keep in mind while playing Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege.

How To Play Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege?


There are a total of 16 maps in the Tactical (Ranked) and Standard mode. At the same time, Quick Play offers 21 maps comprising some Ranked and non-ranked maps. Early on you are only allowed to play Standard which allows players to get accustomed to maps and game mechanics. In Ranked, each Defender and Attacker are given a Vote to Ban maps and Operators which was not an option on the Standard Mode. Attacker and Defender will be given 3 rounds each to attack and defend respectively. If it goes Overtime in Ranked, the team that reaches 5 wins the game.


The Attackers are needed to plant the DEFUSER or eliminate all the enemy combatants before the clock/time runs out. Whereas the Defenders need to defend the two bomb sites till the time runs out or eliminate all the enemy combatants.

How To Play?

Each Operators have a Unique Ability that assists you in various situations. Hence, each Operator’s playing style is unique and the team composition shifts fairly; it creates a more diverse gameplay every round. Therefore, new players cannot grasp how they are getting killed or what is even happening which is quite frustrating sometimes. Well, not anymore!


Prep Time

Note: Defenders cannot change their Operators once they have selected. However, Attackers have an opportunity to change their Operators during the Preparation Time.

The starting Preparation Time is the most important phase where Attackers control their drone (eyes) and gather all the crucial information such as Bomb location, and Defenders Operator. If your drone is not found and placed in a crucial spot then you can create an opening for your teammates and yourself.


Droning is an Observation Tool of the game as it allows you to gather intel on enemies, and sites in order to find them to eliminate any moment of surprise. Instead of barging into a room with Aim Down Sight, it is a healthy practice to Drone and clear the area first.

You will possess a total of 2 drones. First at the Prep phase and second after you enter the game with your Operator. Saving drones increases your chance of winning the round as you will have multiple cameras to gather intel.

Loadouts And Gadgets

Most of the Operators have unique primary and secondary weapons. According to your comfortability and strategy, you might choose the weapons and customize them. The Gadgets also play a crucial role as they allow players to make certain plays i.e.

  • Breach Charge allows Attackers to destroy breakable walls, floors, and barricades. This creates multiple angles and entry points to catch the Defenders off guard.
  • Hard Breach Charge allows Attackers to destroy reinforced walls. The walls that are reinforced are bulletproof and explosive-proof. To open the reinforced hatch and walls, you are required to use a Hard Breach Charge.
  • Claymore allows Attackers to place a mine which can eliminate the enemy combatants who trigger it. A device that can be placed next to the window to punish Defenders who run out of the windows or the barricaded doors. Claymore is also used widely to place next to the door entryway to save or gain intel on your flanks.
  • Frag Grenade is a lethal grenade that can destroy utilities, barricades, and enemy combatants. You can toss a grenade to clear out the areas or tight angles that the Defenders love to hold.
  • Stun Grenade allows Attackers to blind enemies. It blocks off the vision and sound of the players where the Stun Grenade explodes.
  • Impact EMP Grenade allows Attackers to disable any electronics that are in range. Mostly picked by the Support players who are tasked to disable the electronic devices that disrupt the Hard Breach.
  • Smoke Grenade allows Attackers to obscure vision in a small area. Blocking the line of sight doesn’t mean that the bullets not gonna fly from the smoke. However, it blocks the push from the Defender as without any clear vision it is disadvantageous to push. Unless you are Warden!

Prep Time

During the Prep Time, you are allowed to Reinforce the key soft walls, hunt the drones, and set up your utilities to fortify the site. Operators have certain unique abilities that are suited for different types of roles. Few Operators are good at roaming whereas some are good at holding the site as their utility denies the area control.


The Defenders have fixed Cameras on each map. These cameras need to be used as the Prep time ends and the round starts. This allows the Defenders to get a general idea of where they are spawning and which area they are focusing on pushing. Even players who have died should hop onto the existing cameras to help their teammates by yellow-pinging the whereabouts of the opponents.

Loadouts And Gadgets

Defenders have a different set of Gadgets in their arsenal compared to the Attackers. These gadgets allow Defenders to slow down the push and prove lethal for attackers who force themselves in. Here’s what these Gadgets can be used for.

  • Barbed Wire can be used to place on unsafe areas or near entry points to slow down the enemy Attackers when they step on it. It also makes a sound when someone steps on it or when it’s getting destroyed. It takes 2 melee hits to break the Barbed Wire. It can also be electrocuted.
  • Bulletproof Cameras can be used to place on the wall or floor to gain intel on critical areas. It can fire EMP blast to disable electronic devices for a short duration. To destroy the Bulletproof Camera, you are needed to shoot at the sides of the camera or hit melee on its face.
  • Proximity Alarm can be used to place on certain choke points i.e. where Attackers are trying to enter. The Proximity alarm activates when the opponent enters its range triggering the “beep” sound.
  • Deployable Shield can be used to place a bulletproof steel shield on the ground to create a cover. It grants an advantage to the Defenders as you can react at any opponent while staying in cover.
  • Impact Grenade is an explosive grenade that explodes on impact. It is useful in destroying the soft walls, floors, and barricades. Widely used to make rotates inside the bomb site or any rooms you are playing i.e. depending on the situation.
  • Nitro Cell is a lethal explosive C4 that can be used to kill opponents and deal significantly high damage.
  • An Observation Blocker can be placed to block the line of sight of the opponent’s observation tools.


Intel is the most powerful and crucial part of the game. Each room’s name is displayed on the bottom of your screen i.e. above the compass. When your drone or your Operator enters a room or area, it will display the name of the room.

Players communicate with each other by calling out the room where the enemy combatant is found. Commonly, you can mark the location with Yellow Ping which can be seen only by your teammates. Marking the location with Red Ping i.e. Scan Opponent will reveal the location of the scanned opponents to your team as well as notify the enemy that he is getting scanned.

Red or Hard Ping is widely used to panic the enemy combatants and divert their attention. Still, the most useful ping is Yellow Ping which does not notify the enemies that their location is exposed to the enemies. However, it depends on the situation.


You will only struggle at the initial phase (i.e. till level 30-50) and gradually improve as you get absolutely decimated by better opponents. Now, how will you improve when you are only getting killed? Well, the game offers Death Cam. By viewing the Death Cam and learning how the opponents outplayed you. So, the next time when you play the same map against other opponents, you will be aware due to your sore past experience.

Sound or Audio awareness has always been part of any First-Person Shooter games. This game is no stranger to that. Every action has a sound cue that relays information to the players who are close or are in audible range. Getting in a Drone, Crouching, Proning, Reloading, Planting Defuser, etc every action has a unique audio cue. Recognizing these audio cues will dramatically improve your gameplay in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege.

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