Roblox Toilet Tower Defense – How To Get Mech Bunny Titan

Roblox Toilet Tower DefenseRoblox Toilet Tower Defense is an obvious Tower Defense game where you are given a unit to place and survive waves of enemies that try to invade your Toilet City. To stop them from invading your City, you are required to place your units precisely on the turns to optimize the area they cover and survive all the waves.

As Easter is up close, there’s bound to be an Easter Event, and this time the Roblox Toilet Tower Defense brings you the Goldy unit i.e. Mech Bunny Titan. So, almost everyone wants to get and obtain the Mech Bunny Titan because not only is it deemed to be a Godly unit with AOE and Piercing high damage, but also the Range is decent and DPS is absolutely insane. So, here’s how you will get the Mech Bunny Titan.

How To Get Mech Bunny Titan In Roblox Toilet Tower Defense?

The Mech Bunny Titan is a Godly unit that has a 0.2% chance to be obtained from the Bunny Crate at Easter Shop. The cost of 1 Bunny Crate is 300 Eggs whereas 10 Bunny Crates costs 3000 Eggs. To get Bunny Crate, you are required to farm Eggs and Eggs can be obtained from various activities.

First and foremost, you can get Eggs easily after completing the missions during Easter. Next, even Event Pass provides you Eggs and also a Bunny Crate after you reach certain Tiers i.e. 1, 13, 22, and 42 Tier for eggs and 5, 15, 20, 30, 35, 40, 45, and 49 Tiers for Bunny Crates. Finally, you can get Eggs by playing and completing the Tower Defense modes.

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