Pet Simulator 99 How To Get Claw Token & Active Huge Egg

Pet Simulator 99

In update 7 of Pet Simulator 99 a lot of new machines have been added to the game. One of the machines is the claw machine that can be played to have a chance to get a Huge Arcade Cat. To play the claw machine you will need an item called Claw Token.  Below you will find a brief guide on where to find the token and all the eggs you can obtain from the claw machine.

Pet Simulator 99 How To Get Arcade Token & Active Huge Egg In Claw Machine

Claw Tokens are called Arcade Tokens which is a currency used to play one instance on the claw machine. The claw machine is the latest machine added in the game with the update that is available in the tech world Area 143 arcade town. In the claw machine, you will find various eggs and gift boxes that can be won as a prize. The best egg you can get from the claw machine is the 50x egg.

The active huge egg can be found in the adventure lootbox. The adventure loot box can be redeemed in the tech world area 140 Electric Garden. To claim the adventure lootbox you will need 125 scrolls called quest medals. These medals can be collection by completing each zone quest.

To use the claw machine you will need an arcade token. Arcade tokens can be obtained randomly around the game by doing any activity such as breaking the breakables or digging in the advance dig site. The chances of getting the token increase if you have the super drop gamepass. You need to use the best potions, treasure hunter enchants and cocktails to increase the chances of getting drops from breakables.

After using the arcade token you will have a minute to use the claw to pick up the egg. Explore around the claw machine to have a better view of all the eggs available and choose a higher-tier egg. The tier list of the eggs available in the claw machine is as follows:

  • 1x Egg
  • 5x Egg
  • 10x Egg
  • 20x Egg
  • 50x Egg
  • Active Huge Egg

Each time you open a multiplier egg, you have a chance to obtain the huge arcade cat. The higher the multiplier, the better the chances of obtaining one. Each time you take one egg out of the claw machine, a random egg will be added again. The random egg can range from 1x Egg to an Active huge egg. If you have a private server, you can reset the claw machine egg by going into world 1 and then revisiting the world 2 claw machine.

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