Roblox Skibiverse – Something Mysterious Quest Solution

Roblox SkibiverseIn Roblox Skibiverse some numerous quests or tasks should be piled up in your Incomplete Tab. Something Mysterious is a unique quest that will unlock a hidden power or ability of TV Woman and TV Man. The ability is called Ominous Teleport which is an essential ability to unlock other characters and Morph. Therefore, to get this ability; you are required to find the hidden TV Laboratory and its Power Source.


The Scientists have discovered an ominous power source!? I think only TV friends can access it..

Quest Tasks

  • Find TV Laboratory
  • Find The Power Source

Roblox Skibiverse Something Mysterious Quest Solution Step By Step

Enter the game and at the Big City, teleport to the Central Hub. From there take the starting point as per the reference given below.

Secret LabSecret LabRoblox SkibiverseRoblox Skibiverse

Next, follow the route till you reach the secret location where the TV Laboratory is located. Remember it can only be accessed by TV Man. Therefore, it is recommended to unlock TV Man first then go for the quest. It can be simultaneously completed with the Engineer Cameraman’s quest to unlock its Morph.

Roblox SkibiverseEnter The Secret LabRepair ToolEnter the door to reach the area shown above in the image. Make sure that you have set your game’s Graphics Quality to the minimum in order to see the gap in the platform. Once you reach the final platform which is not far; there will be a Repair Tool found and next to it would be the Power Source as shown in the image.

Roblox Skibiverse

To unlock all other Morphs in Roblox Skibiverse i.e. participating in the Cameraman Faction, check out the other guides i.e. listed below.

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