Roblox Skibiverse – Engineer Cameraman Quest Solution/ Location

Roblox SkibiverseThe Roblox Skibiverse lets you explore the huge map to locate certain NPC and quest-related gadgets. The task is not at all simple as the movement speed of your initial cameraman is quite slow. Even every turns and alley look alike and if you are not careful; you can lose track of your path. Therefore completing tasks and finding each Cameraman as per the quests are tedious. Everything you need to know about Engineer Camerman is listed in this guide.


The TV Scientists have stolen Engineer Cameramans repair tool! Find The Engineer and recover his repair tool!

Quest Tasks

  • Find The Engineer
  • Find His Repair Tool

Where To Find The Engineer Cameraman In Roblox Skibiverse?

Enter the game or teleport to the Big City as Engineer can be found not far from your Home. Teleport to the Central Hub or walk out of your Home to reach the ground near the Burger Shop as shown in the image below:

Roblox Skibiverse

Follow the route as shown above and stay on the road.

Roblox SkibiverseRoblox SkibiverseRoblox SkibiverseRoblox SkibiverseEngineer Location

Once you reach the shown area above, enter the alley where you will find the lone Engineer Cameraman.

AlleyEngineer Cameraman

Where To Find His Repair Tool?

Teleport back to the Central Hub in Big City. To get the Repair Tool, you will need to find the TV Laboratory which is the quest related to the Something Mysterious. Apparently, start the Something Mysterious Quest to complete it both at the same time.

Follow the route as shown to find and before entering the Location; make sure you Morph into TV Man. Then, enter the Secret Lab or Location as shown in the image.

Secret LabSecret LabLab LocationSecret LabRoblox SkibiverseEnter The Secret Lab

Make sure that you have lowered your Graphics Quality to Minimum i.e. found under the Settings. It makes the gap visible which is quite annoying as it gets covered with black smoke when the graphics quality is high or even medium.

Repair ToolRepair Tool

As shown in the image above you will find the Repair Tool at the final platform i.e. placed at the corner. Collect it and complete the quest which will unlock the Engineer Cameraman. To unlock all other Morphs in Roblox Skibiverse i.e. participating in the Cameraman Faction, check out the other guides i.e. listed below.

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