Pet Simulator 99 Roblox Cheapest Huge Pets You Can Buy

Pet Simulator 99

In Pet Simulator 99, after the Huge Happy Computer event, a lot of Pet Simulator players got their first huge in the game. The prices of the huge happy computer were around 9-15M during the event which skyrocketed to 26M after the event was over. That is because it is easy to get diamonds in the game after the update 6, a lot of players can get one from the trading plaza. Below you will find a few ways to farm maximum diamonds as a free-to-play player as well as pay-to-win players and what are the cheapest huges you can buy for now.

Pet Simulator 99 Roblox Cheapest Huge Pets You Can Buy

The cheapest huge you can buy as of now will be the huge happy computer and huge happy rocks. These two huge pets will always have the lowest rap value because of the number of pets that exist in the game. There are 1M huge happy computers available and 780k huge happy rock. So many of these huge exist in the game because of the event where players could hatch these for free. The prices of these huge are 27M at the time of writing and you can get one from the trading plaza.

The best way to farm gems for free-to-play players will be to pop the balloon in various areas. You can equip a Slingy and shoot the balloon to get the presents. After popping all the balloons in every area, you can change servers to find more balloons. In normal balloons, you will get gift bags and from the blue balloons, you will get large gift bags. In 5 minutes, you will be able to make 120k diamonds by opening the gift bags.

Players who have all the game passes can farm in area 124 to get items and diamonds. Later the items can be sold in the trading plaza to get more diamonds. To maximize your item and diamond drop chances you need to equip the best enchantment. The enchants you can use are:

  • Boss Chest Mimic
  • Mini Chest Mimic
  • 2x Treasure Hunter
  • 1x Diamond
  • 1x Fortune
  • 1x Magnet
  • 1x Lucky Block

With a team full of exclusives you can make around 1.5M diamonds in an hour and by selling the items you can make around 2M diamonds every hour.

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