Roblox Skibiverse – How To Unlock TV Man And Find Him

Roblox SkibiverseRoblox Skibiverse is a game where numerous Morphs need to be found and unlocked by completing a series of tasks. Morphing allows you to change the character and use their overpowered skills and abilities. Similar to the Faction of Cameraman, Skibidi Toilets have a bunch of Morphs that you can unlock and possess before the game has been fully released. Here’s what you need to do in order to unlock the TV Man!


Find TV Man after he got separated from TV Woman near the edge of the map!

Quest Tasks

  • Find TV Man!

How To Unlock TV Man In Roblox Skibiverse

This is a morph that can be unlocked very quickly as you have only one task i.e. to find TV Man’s whereabouts and Interact with him. Ensure that you have accepted the quest to complete it before interacting with the TV Man.

Find TV Man

TV Man is located in the Big City. Therefore teleport to the Central Hub and from there follow the direction or route as shown in the images below:

Roblox SkibiverseRoblox SkibiverseTV ManRoblox SkibiverseTV ManTV Man LocationOnce you interact with the TV Man, the quest will be over and you will have TV Man unlocked. To unlock all other Morphs participating in the Cameraman Faction, check out the other guides i.e. listed below.

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