Pet Sim 99 Roblox Are 85% Exclusives Pet Worth It?

Pet Simulator 99

In Pet Sim 99 there are various types of pets you can obtain. If you are new to the game or have acquired an exclusive pet from an egg or trading plaza, you might be curious about why the description states that the power of exclusives is 85% as strong as your best pet. The 85% exclusives are the most affordable pets you can obtain apart from the stat pets that you hatch from eggs in the spawn area.

Pet Sim 99 Roblox Are 85% Exclusives Pet Worth It?

Before delving into why you should acquire an 85% exclusive pet, it’s important to understand that a gold pet has higher damage than a normal pet, and a rainbow pet deals more damage than a gold pet. Similarly, a shiny pet has more damage than a rainbow pet, and a shiny rainbow pet boasts the highest damage in the game. So, in terms of damage hierarchy, it’s Shiny Rainbow > Shiny Gold > Shiny > Rainbow > Gold > Normal pet.

The exclusives don’t have the gold version yet, and the rainbow exclusives deal more damage than normal shiny exclusives. So for exclusives Shiny Rainbow > Rainbow > Shiny > Normal.

If you manage to obtain a high-stat shiny rainbow pet when an update arrives, all your exclusives will deal a considerable amount of damage. At the time of writing this post, the most cost-effective shiny stat pet available is the Shiny Rainbow Frostbyte Snowman, with a power of 294M. If you have this pet in your inventory, the 85% exclusives will deal double the damage of the Rainbow Frostbyte Snowman, which has a power of 272M.

With a team comprised solely of exclusives, you only need to obtain a single shiny rainbow stat pet to be prepared to grind in the last area for gems and items. Why is it preferable to have a team of exclusives rather than purchasing a huge early-game pet? The reason lies in the exorbitant prices of huge pets. With the cost of one huge pet, you could acquire at least 20-25 85% exclusive pets, which would collectively deal more damage, break obstacles more swiftly, and expedite game progression.

Additionally, you can opt for shiny or rainbow exclusives, which deal more damage than normal huge pets. However, it’s crucial to ensure that you possess the best shiny rainbow stat pet in your inventory to maximize the damage output of exclusives.

You can test this theory by equipping only one shiny rainbow stat (Shiny Rainbow Frostbyte Snowman) pet and observing the damage inflicted on obstacles. Then, equip one 85% exclusive pet and compare the damage output. While the shiny rainbow stat pet will deal more damage due to its shiny effect, the exclusive pet will outperform the Rainbow Stat (Rainbow Frostbyte Snowman 272M) pet because you have a shiny rainbow stat pet in your inventory.

Note: Once you have enough gems to get a team full of huge, you can use these exclusives in the huge machine to get yourself an egg that will guarantee you a huge hatch.

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