Helldivers 2 – How To Get And Farm Super Credit Quickly

Helldivers 2Helldivers 2 is an online co-op multiplayer third-person shooter game where you are tasked to join the military fight and exterminate the hostile forces in the hope of creating a safe and free environment to live.

Super Credit is a premium currency that is required to unlock new weapons, gears, and equipment. Apart from that you can purchase Warbond i.e. essentially a battle pass to cash out all the huge rewards and improve your loadout. Instead of purchasing Super Credit via micro-transaction, you can opt to farm Super Credits via playing specific missions and maps. Here’s everything you need to know about farming Super Credit!

How To Get And Farm Super Credit Quickly In Helldivers 2

Firstly, make sure that the difficulty i.e. chosen is “Trivial” to complete the mission quickly. Secondly, the mission should be to eliminate the bug-type enemies which is also fairly easy to complete. Next, while selecting the map, check the size of the map as it should be small, and terrain type or weather should be ideal. It is recommended to play in the 4-man party to explore and cover large space efficiently. You can also complete the mission solo but it will relatively take a long time to complete and sweep clean everything.

What To Do?

Choose your landing point close to the infrastructures or Hidden Place of Interest i.e. outside the objective perimeter. Zoom in the map to find such infrastructures and mark them on your map. Explore the area where you will find containers and beacons that will hold Super Credits, Medals, or Requisition Slips.

Containers can be blown easily with the Impact Grenade and there is no specific loadout required except Stamina Booster which is self-explanatory. Land on the soft area and if you are at a party, divide the role and let a player complete the Missions and Extraction while others explore the map for containers and beacons.

It will take a maximum of 5 minutes to complete the mission and if you have optimized the run; it can go down to 3-4 minutes. Confidently, at each run, you can get at least 20-30 Super Credits whereas at max you can get 60-70 Super Credits which will result in 500+ Super Credits per hour.

How To Farm The Same Map?

Alternatively, if you have obtained a high-loot map, loot all the drops i.e. Super Credit, Medals, etc. Without completing the mission, forcibly shut down the application or game to repeat the same map and farm the Super Credit. This can amount to 1000+ Super Credits per hour as you are not engaged in completing the mission.

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