100 March Cats – All Cats Location & 100% Achievement (Level 1)

100 March Cats100 March Cats is a relaxing game of finding an object amidst a mess. As the name implies, you have to find 100 Cats that have been hidden inside the beautifully hand-drawn artwork. The casual game is free to play and the devs i.e. 100 Cozy Games have similar games which you can look at their page to play.

There are a total of 100 Achievements each named after the Cats that are hidden in the following artwork. Therefore, you are needed to find all the 100 Cats to complete the achievement. These are not hard and can be obtained in a single playthrough of 5-20 minutes. In this guide, we have shown all the Cats that can be found at Level 1 which will allow you to clear the Level and fetch all the achievements.

All Cats Location & 100% Achievement (Level 1) For 100 March Cats

100 March CatsThe image provided above is the original size picture that contains all the locations of 100 Cats for Level 1. To unlock Level 2, you will be required to purchase the extra content for just a few bucks from the Steam Store.

Note: You do not require 2nd Level to unlock 100% achievement.

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