Roblox Skibiverse – How To Unlock TV Woman And Find Her

Roblox SkibiverseIn Roblox Skibiverse, there are multiple Morphs or characters that can be unlocked which have their own set of unique abilities that are required to participate and complete the quests that unlock new Morphs. Each Morph is free to unlock and if you are not fond of microtransaction then it is going to be one long ride.

Fortunately, if you are looking to unlock TV Woman then you only need to find the Missing TV Woman as per the quest description and task. In this guide, we have explained and shown where you can find the Missing TV Woman location to unlock her.


Find Missing TV Woman!

Quest Tasks

  • Find Missing TV Woman

How To Unlock TV Woman In Roblox Skibiverse?

This is one of the simplest and fastest Morph or characters you can unlock in the Big City. All your task says is to simply find the Missing TV Woman. To unlock the TV Woman, make sure that you have accepted the quest and follow the route shown below:

WeaponryFrom the Central Hub, take this route behind the statue and follow the road as shown.

Dark Speakerman WeaponryWeaponryFitting WeaponryRoblox SkibiverseAfter following the route, you will reach where TV Woman is found i.e. near the building as shown in the image above.

Roblox SkibiverseInteract and you will be able to unlock the new character and Morph into TV Woman. To unlock other Morphs, we have complete guides that are listed below:

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