Roblox Skibiverse – How To Unlock Dark Speaker Man

Roblox SkibiverseThe Roblox Skibiverse has a number of Morph that can be unlocked after starting and collecting the required objects as per the tasks. In this guide, we have listed all the quest tasks and the location from where you will get the object.


Lend dark speakerman a hand, he might have some useful information.

Quest Tasks

  • Find his Jetpack
  • Find his Headphones
  • Find Weaponry!

How To Unlock Dark Speakerman In Roblox Skibiverse

Before finding the Jetpack, you are required to talk and gather information about it. Go to the Central Hub and walk towards the Burger shop. Speak to the Sad Camera Man! Click on the option that says “A Jetpack?“.

Find His Jetpack

Roblox SkibiverseRoblox SkibiverseNext teleport to the Shop in Big City. From there, you have to reach the building and climb the pillar or pole as shown in the image. It is recommended to use a Morph that can fly or jump high like Speaker Woman or Speaker Titan. As shown in the image, you will find the Jetpack at this location.

Find His Headphones

To find his Headphones, you are required to teleport to the new Area i.e. Golden City. From there travel straight on the road as shown in the image and count the crossroad you cross. After crossing 2 three-way intersecting roads, you will reach the crossroad as shown in the image below.

HeadphoneDark Speakerman HeadphoneDark Speakerman Headphone

Enter the building and follow the route to the room where his Headphone is placed.

Roblox SkibiverseRoblox SkibiverseHeadphone

Find Fitting Weaponry

Teleport to the Big City, Central Hub to get the Fitting Weaponry for Dark Speakerman. From the Central Hub, follow the route as shown in the images below.

WeaponryDark Speakerman WeaponryWeaponryFitting WeaponryDark Speakerman WeaponryRoblox Skibiverse

Once you collect the Knife which is placed in the corner as shown in the last image, you will unlock the Dark Speakerman.

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