Disney Dreamlight Valley Eye On The Prize Soda Can Location

disney dreamlight valley

In Disney Dreamlight Valley latest update The Laugh Floor you will be able to unlock the iconic due Mike and Sully. To unlock Mike and make him visit the valley you will have to complete a quest called “Eye On The Prize”. At the quest’s beginning, you need to interact with Mike and complete a series of tasks given by him. Below you will find all the tasks and how to complete the quest.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Eye On The Prize Soda Can Location

The first task of the quest is to search the reception area for a keycard. The door to the reception area will be locked, so you need to find a toolkit to unlock the door and obtain the keycard. In the big room where Mike and Sully are interacting, you will find two red storage boxes in the corner of the room with a lot of yellow canisters. Inside one of the storage you will find the “MIFT Tookkit”.

Use the toolkit to open the reception door and get the keycard. Bring the keycard back to Mike which will bring forth a series of doors that you need to enter and find some clues. You need to enter three doors called F2, F3, and F3. Inside each door, you need to find 3 clues and the locations are:

Inside the first door F2 you will have to find 3 clues which are three drawings. In the room, you will find a drawing of the clown beside the door, and a drawing of an elephant beside the bed and you need to interact with the curtains hiding the last clue.

In the F3 room, you need to take photos of three clues. The first clue will be the big spaceship framed poster. The second clue will be a yellow book lying on the ground beside the bookshelf and the final clue is the star lights located on the ceiling of the room.

Inside room F4 you need to find a physical clue and bring it back to Mike. Remove all the piles of dust to find a Whoopee Cushion and bring it back to Mike.

In the next part of the quest, you will have to find three soda cans of different colors red, blue, and green. In one of the rooms you will find two vending machines, both the vending machines will give out soda cans. Interact with the red vending machine to get the red soda can.

To get the blue soda can, you need to interact with the switch beside it. Turning on the switch will power up the vending machine and you will get the blue soda can. Inside the reception room, you will find the green vending machine which will be broken. You need to use your pickaxe to hit the vending machine to get the green soda can. Bring all the soda cans back to Mike and place his house in the valley to complete the quest.

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