Roblox Skibiverse – How To Unlock Speaker Woman

Roblox SkibiverseSpeaker Woman is a Morph in Roblox Skibiverse that you can unlock pretty easily as there are only 3 tasks to complete. Everything i.e. required is found in the Big City. However, there is a simple condition; you must have a Morph that can fly or jump high to reach the platform that cannot be accessed by a simple jump made by the Cameraman. Accept the quest and follow the route as mentioned in this guide.


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Quest Tasks

  • Find Speaker Woman
  • Find Headphones
  • Find Energy Drink

How To Unlock Speaker Woman In Roblox Skibiverse?

To unlock the new Morph i.e. Speaker Woman follow the simple steps as directed.

Find Speaker Woman

Roblox SkibiverseRoblox SkibiverseSpeaker WomanSkibiverseSpawn at the Big City, at The Central Hub area. From there go to the Meal or Burger shop. Next to it, there is a path that leads to the road as shown in the image above.

Take the road to reach the Dig site. Take the reference of the images posted in sequence to find the Speaker Woman. Walk into the alley shown where Speaker Woman will be found.

Find Headphones

Roblox SkibiverseHeadphoneAfter interacting with the Speaker Woman, you must go toward the Industrial site area i.e. across the Dig Site. As shown in the image the Headphone will be found hidden at the corner of the road.

Find Energy Drink

Teleport to the Industrial Site, and from there you will have to follow the images which will guide you to the Energy Drink i.e. required to unlock Speaker Woman.

Roblox SkibiverseSkibiverseSkibiverseEnergy Drink

SkibiverseWalk straight and follow the road as shown in the image above, next cross the bridge and follow the route. Enter the alley in between the first and second buildings as shown in the image. At the end of the Alley, you will find the NPC “Secret Agent“.


Roblox Skibiverse

Opposite to where the Secret Agent is found, you will have to fly and climb the platform. Use any Morph that can fly and collect the last part of the required item i.e. Energy Drink.

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