PS 99 Roblox How To Get Huge Machine Blurred Dominus Egg

Pet Simulator 99

The Huge Machine Blurred Egg is one of the eggs available after the latest update 6 in PS 99 which will guarantee the hatch of a huge pet. The egg has five huge pets: Huge Bat, Willow Wisp, Pastel Elephant, Red Fluffy, and Blurred Dominus. The Huge Bat has the highest hatch percentage while the Blurred Dominus has the lowest.

You can use three methods to obtain one of these eggs. These methods are:

  • Crafting
  • Day Care
  • Trading Plaza

PS 99 Roblox How To Get Huge Machine Blurred Dominus Egg


A Blurred Dominus egg can be crafted from a huge machine. The machine can be found inside the castle at World 1 Area 3 or the World 2 supercomputer. To craft the egg you will need exclusive pets. There are three types of exclusive pets that give 95%, 90%, and 85% damage of your best stat pet.

The 95% exclusive pet is of 3 points, 90% pets are 2 points, and 85% pets are of 1 point. You will need 100 points in total to craft a Dominus egg. You can use 50 and 75 points to craft one but that will require you to spend some amount of Robux. So to craft an egg you will need “33” 95% exclusive pets or “50” 90% exclusive pets, or “100” 85% exclusive pets. You can get these exclusive pets from eggs that are sold in the shop or from the trading plaza.

Day Care

The second method is to obtain from the Day Care. After the latest update, you can find a lot of daycare vouchers being sold in the trading plaza. The daycare voucher can also be dropped from the breakables in the last area of World 2. You can use a total of 20 daycare vouchers to increase the number of pets you can keep to 30.

Increase the maximum number of pets you can place in daycare to 55 by buying an additional 25 slots for 625 Robux. This will increase your luck level to the current maximum which is 550. With this luck level, you will have a chance to get the Blurred Dominus Egg and Huge Meebo in a spaceship.

The final method is to directly buy the egg from the trading plaza in exchange for Diamonds. After the latest update, it’s easier to farm diamonds in the last area.

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