Pacific Drive Thermosap Crystal Location & How To Get It

Pacific Drive

Pacific Drive is first-person survival game developed by Ironwood Studios where you drive around the supernatural areas with your car, collect resources, craft, upgrade, and survive. One of the resources you will require to upgrade your car and complete the main quest is ThermoSap Crystals. These crystals can be hard to find if you don’t know where to look for them. Below you will find a brief guide on different methods to obtain this resource.

Pacific Drive Thermosap Crystal Location & How To Get It

ThermoSap Crystal is required to craft materials that will increase the durability of your car. You will also require this material to complete one of the main quests to craft a Lim Shield. There are three ways to find these resources which are:

The first method is to find an abandoned Squires car. These cars will be slightly different from the other abandoned cars and will have a metal bracket at the top. You can use the scrapper to tear down the doors, bumpers, and hood of the car to find a few Thermosap Crystals.

The second method is to find an area with high instability condition area called “Something’s Moving”. In this area, you will find a lot of tourists whom you don’t want to hit with your car. You can use a flare and throw it near a bunch of tourists and look back.

Doing this will make the tourist charge towards the flare and blow up. After blowing up, they will eventually leave a few ThermoSap Crystals around. If there are any abductors around, they might grab the parts and fling them away.

The final method is to reach mid-game and find an area called The Scorch. In this area, you will find big red glowing orbs called Sap Compressor. These Sap Compressors can be broken using an Impact Hammer to get the maximum amount of ThermoSap Crystal. The best tool you can craft using this resource is the liberator tool that can be used to remove parts from other vehicles. These parts can be installed in your car directly after being removed by the liberator tool.

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