Pet Simulator 99 Mastery Guide & How To Increase Level

Pet Simulator 99

In Pet Simulator 99 Roblox, five mastery introduced in the latest update which are Potion Mastery, Enchants Mastery, Breakable Mastery, Economy Mastery, and Egg Mastery. Each mastery has a maximum level of 99. Increasing the level of mastery will unlock certain perks associated with the mastery. For example, increasing egg mastery will increase your hatch animation, make egg price cheaper, increase golden hatch chances, and increase egg slot.

Increasing the mastery level of potions and enchantment is the most important thing in the game. To use the highest-level potion or enchantment, you need to have a mastery level above 70. If your mastery level is below 70 you won’t be able to use tier 9 potions or enchantments. Below you will find how to increase each mastery level quickly.

Pet Simulator 99 Mastery Guide & How To Increase Level

The potion Mastery level can be increased by upgrading potions from the potion machine or by using potions in the game. The higher the potion level, the more experience you will gain after using it. Similarly, you will gain experience depending on the quantity of potions you will upgrade from the potion machine. Keep using potions and upgrade them to quickly increase your potion mastery.

Enchants Mastery level can be increased only by upgrading enchants from the upgrade enchant machine. This machine is available in World 1else you can use the supercomputer in World 2.

The Breakable mastery level is increased by breaking various breakables in any area. Breaking coin jars, comets and mini chests also contributes to the experience bar and helps in increasing the mastery level. Buying items from any merchant stall in this game will increase your economy mastery and opening the eggs at the spawn area will increase your egg mastery.

The best perks of these mastery are usually the last ones that you unlock after reaching level 99. At level 70 of potion and enchant mastery you can find the perk that will automatically claim the free potions and enchant around the map. To check your mastery level click on the pets icon at the bottom of the screen and there you will find a purple star beside the gear icon. click on the star to view all the mastery and click on the mastery to find out all about the perks.

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