Last Epoch – How To Play Offline

Last EpochLast Epoch is an action role-playing online co-op game that allows players to get involved and experiment with all new builds for each class and decimate the enemies. However, as the game has just been released, the servers are quite unstable which is getting resolved as we are reading this article. Though still players (just like me) who are eager and can’t wait to play the game can play the game offline which is surprisingly smooth enough to get you hooked. Here’s how you can play the game in Offline without any issue.

How To Play Offline In Last Epoch?

After purchasing and installing the game there would be a setting option on the right-hand side next to where the Play Time is shown.

  • Click the Properties,
  • At General, look for the Launch Options.
  • Select “Ask when starting game“.
  • Next start the game which will ask you whether to “Play Last Epoch” i.e. Online or in Full Offline mode.

Select the Full Offline mode and enjoy the uninterrupted and smooth gameplay that the game has to offer. If you are a solo player and do not want to play Multiplayer or require cosmetics, trading then this is a total gem for you all.

If you want to enjoy and play the game online, you can revert start the game normally but do remember that your Offline character will not be playable in the Online server. Therefore, you cannot play the character that you have been grinding offline non-stop with your friends. Once the server gets stable, you can enjoy the game as it was intended to be.

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