Pet Simulator 99 Roblox Tech World How To Get Ultimates

Pet Simulator 99

In Pet Simulator 99 Roblox Tech World, players are introduced to an ultimate ability that helps in destroying breakables quickly. Some of the ultimate are tradeable but the level doesn’t carry over. That means the person getting the ultimate from the trade will have to start from level 1 or tier 1. Below you will find a brief guide on how to get these ultimate and what it does.

Pet Simulator 99 Roblox Tech World How To Get Ultimates

In the latest update, the devs have added a new feature called Ultimate. These abilities level up as you keep on destroying the breakables and each has a different skill. Currently, there are 6 ultimate abilities available for players to acquire, of which two are untradeable. The list of all ultimate are:

  • Ground Pound – Damages all the breakables around you with a devastating blow.
  • Chest Spell – Replace nearby breakables with a mini chest that contains random rewards.
  • Tornado – Creates a tornado that deals damage to all breakables and wreaks havoc.
  • Pet Surge – Supercharge all your pets that deal damage at a supersonic speed.
  • TNT Shower – Shower the area with TNT explosives that will deal massive damage to breakables.
  • Black Hole – This creates a massive black hole that destroys all the breakables in the area.

Each player will obtain at least one ultimate except Black Hole after using the Rebirth 4 feature. The Rebirth 4 feature is available in Area 99 of World 1. The Black Hole is exclusive to the game store and requires 3500 Robux currency to obtain. Players can also obtain this exclusive ultimate from the trading plaza by spending around 120M diamonds.

At the bottom of the screen, you can find a meter with a number in the middle that shows when your ultimate ability is ready. You can use the ultimate ability only in breakable areas. Tapping on the breakables will quickly recharge your ultimate ability. Each ultimate ability has different tiers that will increase the effects as it keeps on leveling up. Destroying breakables and using your ultimate frequently will level up your ultimate faster.

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