Slap Battles Roblox how to get Run Glove & Its Finally Over badge

Roblox Slap Battles

In the latest update of Slap Battles in Roblox, a new glove called “Run” has been added. The glove features a thumbnail depicting a skeleton head chasing a Roblox character. It boasts a power level of 52 and a speed of 16, accompanied by a special ability known as encasement. This unique ability teleports players into a maze where a skeleton head pursues them, and they must locate the exit. Below you will find a brief guide on how to unlock the Run Glove.

Slap Battles Roblox how to get Run Glove & Its Finally Over badge

To acquire this glove, players must locate someone who already possesses the Run glove. Currently, the probability of encountering a player with this glove is low. However, as more players unlock it, the chances of encountering one will increase. Once encountered, players simply need to be struck by the Run glove, which will teleport them into the maze.

The player who initiated the hit becomes the skeleton head, tasked with chasing down other players trapped within the maze. To unlock the Run glove, players must endure the ability’s effects ten times and successfully escape the maze on ten occasions. Progress is saved across the server, meaning that if a player escapes twice on any server, they will only need to do so eight more times to unlock the glove.

It’s important to note that players cannot unlock the glove in the VIP server; they must be on a public server while navigating the Terry maze. To find the exit of the maze, players need to listen to a buzzing sound. The sound will keep on increasing when you approach the exit gate. The skeleton head is also controlled by a player who has the Run glove and currently letting players escape the maze to help them unlock the glove but this might change in the future and it might get harder to escape the maze.

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