Last Epoch – Prophecies And Everything You Need To Know About

Last EpochLast Epoch is a role-playing game that lets you choose from one of the 5 most powerful classes to begin the journey and crawl the dungeon to get absolutely random yet powerful loot for the character. As we are involved and stranded together with time, prophecies are inevitable and a powerful mechanic that will let you discover or complete certain events to gain riches.

Well, it’s a guaranteed drop system but the type of prophecies you are granted is random. So, the type of rewards for completing the task might vary but not be uncontrollable and it can be taken advantage of. Therefore, in this guide, we have explained everything you need to know about the Prophecies and how they work.

Prophecies And Everything You Need To Know About In Last Epoch

Prophecies are not available from the beginning and will be unlocked after you have reached Chapter 9 of the campaign and gain access to the Observatory. Once you get access to the Circle of Fortune (which sounds great), in the Upper District of Majā€™Elka; interact with the Telescope to see the prophecies. There are a total of 4 Telescopes that focus on Weapons, Crafting, Idols, and Armor.

These prophecies are a simple in-game task that rewards you for completing them. The type of drops, let’s say weapons or armor are controllable. Do you need to have an Exalted or a Unique weapon drop for your build? Do not worry, as the Prophecy will let you have it.

Faction Leader Galila possesses an item called Lenses. These Lenses improve and alter the working capability of the Telescope. The lens can modify the Telescope and eliminate certain events that you do not like to perform. Reroll the prophecies, if you do not have desirable rewards and focus on better weapons or armor.

At a single time, you can have a total of 48 Prophecies active as per your choices. You can even discard the Prophecies that you don’t want in the Faction Control Panel. So, by completing a single prophecy; you will be getting multiple drops that you cannot ignore. If your Prophecies and Lenses are not working as intended, make sure you restart and login to the game to check the progress.

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