Balatro All Legendary Joker Cards List & Blank Voucher Card

Balatro is a roguelike poker game developed by LocalThunk. In this game, you can increase your hand ranking by using the planet cards. There are also consumable cards like spectral cards and vouchers that give your deck a positive boost. With endless possibilities, you can create a diverse deck and have a unique playstyle in every game.

Winning the game is simple, all you have to do is gather the required number of chips to defeat the blinds. But as you keep progressing in the game, the amount of chips you need to gather will also increase. This is where jokers and planet come into your help that increase your hand ranking and multiplier which will help you gather more chips quickly. Below you will find a brief guide on all legendary joker card lists and what the blank voucher does.

Balatro All Legendary Joker Cards List

The legendary jokers can only be obtained by opening a spectral card called “The Soul”. This spectral card creates a random joker in your deck but you must have space available for the joker to be created. There is a total of 5 legendary jokers in this game which are:

  • Caino – Gain x1 Multiplier when a face card is destroyed.
  • Chicot – Disable blind boss effects.
  • Triboulet – Played King and Queens give x2 Multiplier when scored.
  • Perkeo – Creates a Negative copy of 1 random consumable card in your possession at the end of the shop
  • Yorick – Multiplier increased by x5 after discarding 23 cards.

Balatro Blank Voucher Card Guide

After clearing each round or defeating a blind, you can access a shop to spend your coins on a consumable pack, voucher, joker, or spectral cards. You will always get a single card in the voucher section of the shop. There is a total of 32 different voucher cards that you need to buy at least once to unlock them in the collection menu.

One of the voucher cards you might get in the shop is called “Blank”. The description of the voucher says that it does nothing which is kind of true but still you need to buy this voucher card whenever it appears in the shop. Buying the blank voucher card 10 times will unlock another voucher called the “Antimatter Voucher”.

The Antimatter voucher is one of the best vouchers you can unlock in this game. This voucher adds an extra joker slot permanently. Joker cards are the best cards in this game that increase your multiplier and help you defeat the high chip blinds.

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