Roblox Death Ball – How To Unlock The New Champion, Jiro

Roblox Death BallRoblox Death Ball is a PvP and PvE game where you need to deflect the ball with the help of your weapon or abilities. The goal is to stay alive and be the last man standing. However, it is not just a simple ball deflection game as there are Champions who can be equipped to channel their abilities and moveset to confuse your opponent. The game demands precision and after each successful hit, you are rewarded Gems or other currencies at Boss Lobby. Therefore, any new Champions that are introduced is a high priority and if you are intrigued to learn how to get Jiro; then read it to the end.

How To Unlock The New Champion Jiro In Roblox Death Ball?

To unlock the new Champion “Jiro“, you are required to solve all the puzzles which are in the form of hints. Participate in the Card Hunt and it is not easy as each player has a different set of Hints or puzzles. Therefore, it makes it a difficult but not an impossible task. For a player, you will need to solve all the 9 hints and collect Jiro cards that are found as per the hints.

We have written a previous guide where we have listed 15 hints and their solutions. There might be more hints and locations that we might have missed in the guide which you can mention in the comments. Whereas, if your puzzle or hint is listed in our guide then it will help you get the Jiro card pretty easily in Roblox Death Ball.

Once you have secured all the 9 Jiro cards, you can claim and start the grind to level up your Trickster.

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