Nightingale – T1 Essence And Essence Dust Farming Location

NightingaleIn Nightingale, there are a bunch of resources and materials that can be gathered and farmed infinitely. But we bring the fastest and time time-efficient farming method for the Essence Dust and T1 Essence which are relatively important and useful resources for purchasing, crafting, and upgrading. Let’s make it clear first that the maps or realms are randomly or procedurally generated, therefore we cannot pinpoint the exact farming location for Essence Dust and T1 Essence. However, there are various ways and general locations from where you can farm the Essence Dust and T1 Essence by the following tricks.

T1 Essence And Essence Dust Farming Location For Nightingale

T1 Essence and Essence Dust is a currency or resource that you will need to be aware of in Early to Mid-game. As mentioned earlier, T1 Essence and Essence Dust can be used to purchase blueprints, craft, and upgrade tools/items. Essence Dust is fairly easy to get compared to T1 Essence. All you need to do is Extract the basic and additional resources such as Plant Fiber to get Essence Dust.

Other than that you can get Essence Dust by exploring and finding the Essence Trader. He might sell consumable potions i.e. Water Bottle for 10 Essence Dust. However, if you check your Inventory; there would be 4 Water Bottle that can be extracted for 40 Essence Dust. This means you are making a profit for 30 Essence Dust in no time. Performing this process of farming Essence Dust will allow you to purchase almost everything the Realm has to offer.

T1 Essence

Now for T1 Essence, the best and fastest method is to complete the Fae Tower which is what “Encounter” meant. Therefore, you are required to craft a bunch of Realm cards to reset the realm. Each completion of Fae Tower will give you 100x T1 Essence. How to reset the Realm? After completing the Fae Tower in a Realm, you will need to Travel back to your Base. Open the Portal, select Reset Portal, and insert a new Biome and Major card.

As you repeat the process of farming Fae Tower by resetting the Portal, you will be required tons of resources which can be fetched from Essence Trader easily. Completing the main and side quests will also fetch you, T1 Essence, for engaging in various events and activities.

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