Nightingale – How Can You Split Stack Of Items From Inventory

NightingaleNightingale is an open-world survival crafting adventure game, therefore it is obvious that we have to collect a bunch of resources and stack them in your Inventory or Chest for further and future use. However, your Inventory has limited space and capacity, so you can’t infinitely grab and store everything you want. Organizing and splitting stacks of items is necessary to manage the space. So, let’s discuss how we can split the stacks of items as many are looking to dump half of the resource instead of the whole batch.

How Can You Split Stack Of Items From Inventory In Nightingale?

Currently, you cannot split items in your Inventory alone. You can split items but not in a standard way as we are used to playing different and various survival games. To split your items or resources, you are required to interact with the Chest to store and split the resources by pressing Shift and transfer. Even Campfire can be used to split the resources.

Stand alone from your Inventory, you can’t split resources which is unsatisfying but this feature might be added in the future. It is not a bad gameplay experience as there is a way to split the stacks by interacting with the appropriate workstation. However, as players are demanding and hoping for ways to split stacks in your Inventory; devs might add it soon or not as it doesn’t hinder your gameplay. All we can say is players might need to just get used to it for now.

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