Nightingale Craft Arrow Slingbow Ammo & Puzzle Core Guide


Nightingale is a survival adventure game developed by Inflexion Games. To explore the Fae realms easily you will need gathering tools and weapons. One of the weapons you can craft from the workbench is the Slingbow. While exploring the Fae Realms you will come across some structure that contains rewards behind locked doors. You will have to solve the puzzle core to obtain these rewards. Below you will find a brief guide on how to get Slingbow ammo and solve puzzle core.

Nightingale Craft Arrow Slingbow Ammo

A Slingbow is a long-range weapon that can be crafted early in the game using a simple workbench. The resources required to craft a slingbow are wood bundle and straps. Straps can be crafted from the simple workbench by using hide. While crafting a slingbow is easy, players might have difficulty finding its ammo.

As the weapon’s name is Slingbow, players might get confused about the ammo to be an arrow. But the Slingbow required rock marbles as ammo that could be crafted easily using the simple workbench.

To craft rock marbles you will need a resource called Crude Rocks. The crude rocks can be found on the ground while exploring various realms. 6x Crude Rocks are required to make 20x Rock Marbles. Having a slingbow will make hunting easier and you can fight against The Bound from a distance.

Nightingale How To Solve Puzzle Core

While exploring different realms, you might come across a structure called Fae Artefacts. These structures will have three puzzle pieces that you need to activate in the correct sequence to solve the puzzle. These puzzle pieces will emit a blue light, and once all the pieces have emitted the blue light, a red light will be emitted, indicating the end of the sequence.

Watch the sequence for a few times and activate the puzzle pieces in a similar order to solve the puzzle and open the locked gate to obtain rewards. If you fail to activate the puzzle pieces in the correct sequence, all the mechanisms will turn red and a swarm of enemies will spawn. You need to defeat all the enemies for the puzzle to reset.

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