Skull & Bones Turning The Page Investigation Walkthrough

Skull And Bones

In Skull & Bones, there is an investigation quest called Freeman Treasure that has 7 parts. One of the parts is called “Turning The Page” which you need to solve to get additional parts and complete the full investigation.

Each part contains a few clues that you need to find around the map and solve the investigation. Below you will find a brief guide on how to solve the “Turning The Page” investigations and plunder the level 10 Sainte-Amelie Settlement.

Skull & Bones Turning The Page Investigation Walkthrough

The quest starts with bribing two NPCs in Sainte-Anne. The first clue will be to find a clue in Sainte-Anne. You will have to visit the bar as shown in the image above to find a wanted poster of Jacques Sorrel.

After finding the wanted poster, you must visit a settlement called Sainte-Amelie which will be south of Sainte-Anne. The Saint-Amelie is a level 10 settlement that you must plunder until the first stage to find the next clue.

Plundering a level 10 settlement with a lower-level ship can be quite difficult. Your ship will be destroyed instantly or by 2 to 3 cannons from the enemy tower or ships. Once your ship is destroyed you will have two options, either to respawn at the sea and continue to fight or spawn at a nearby dock.

If you choose to spawn at the sea and continue to battle, the enemy’s ship and tower health will remain the same before your ship gets destroyed. So you can try to respawn 3-4 times at the sea and destroy the Sainte-Amelie ships and towers and plunder them till the first stage easily to get the next clue. Respawning at the sea will cost more silver than spawning at the dock. Make sure you have at least 2000 silvers before plundering Sainte-Amelie.

After reading the next clue, you will find the location of Jacque Sorrel’s ship La Plume near the Fort Louis outpost. The location will be marked on the map that you need to visit and destroy the ship to find the next clue. Once the ship is destroyed visit the Sainte-Anne warehouse and talk with Anja, the warehouse NPC to complete the quest.

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